NRI/Foreign (Admissions)

Categorization of International/NRI Students

A foreign national may seek admission in any of the courses being offered by the University through the International Students Office under any of the following categories-

  1. Candidates with nomination / sponsorship by any foreign State, Embassy or authority in India under a Study in India / Exchange Programme, etc.
  2. Foreign nationals or their wards who are self-financed students (not seeking admission through a mode as mentioned in (1) above).
  3. Non- resident Indians or their Wards (not seeking admission through a mode as mentioned in (i) above).
  4. Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG)

Admission Procedure

Procedure 1:

A foreign national may seek admission in any of the courses being offered by Panjab University through the Dean International Students Office by visiting: for guidelines and for general information.


Candidate can apply directly to UIET by submitting application form along with required documents by email to:

Click here to download application form. (will be available soon)

They need to submit hard copy of the same at the time of physical reporting.

For more information, please see Handbook of Information of Panjab University available at:

Procedure 2:

Admission to all Engineering courses against NRI quota in the University Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) shall also be admissible through Direct Admissions Students Abroad (DASA).

Candidates eligible & interested to participate under DASA scheme have to apply on the DASA website. 

Please visit: for more details about general DASA Scheme.

Excerpts of relevant information are given below:

    1. For above said categories 2 and 3 (Foreign Nationals or their Wards and NRIs or their Wards)

    A Student who seeks admission as a ward of Foreign National or Non-resident Indian should be in a first degree blood relationship with foreign national or Non-resident Indian. The term first degree blood relationship includes:

    (a) spouse

    (b) children (natural/adopted/foster)

    (c) real brother and sister of father, i.e. real uncle and real aunt

    (d) real brother and sister of mother, i.e. real maternal uncle and maternal aunt

    (e) father and mother of father, i.e. grandfather and grandmother

    (f) father and mother of mother, i.e. maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother

    (g) first degree-paternal and maternal cousins.

    Eligibility and Admission Criterion:

    1. The students who will be admitted in a course against the NRI quota should have the basic qualification fixed by the respective regulatory body for admission in relevant course. The Rules of respective Regulatory Bodies shall apply as amended from time to time.
    2. NRI candidates seeking admission to any course will be required to produce the Test Scores of Scholastic Aptitude Test-II (SAT-II) with permissible combination of subjects, conducted by the Education Testing Service, Princeton, U.S.A., for admission to under graduate courses. In the case of foreign nationals (non-English speaking countries), TOEFL/IELTS Scores should also be produced. However, those who have passed the qualifying examination from India, shall qualify the entrance test conducted for the said course(s) or meet the eligibility requirement of the said course, to be eligible for admission.
    3. NRI candidates shall compete amongst themselves for admission to various courses. Their inter-se merit shall be determined on the basis of the score obtained in SAT-II, GRE, GMAT etc.
    4. A candidate once admitted as NRI candidate in a Undergraduate course shall be covered under the definition of NRI for subsequent admission to any course at Panjab University.
    5. A candidate admitted under NRI quota may change his/her admission to a vacant seat provided the candidate falls within the merit of admitted candidates in General or Reserve Category and has also applied for the same.
    6. NRI candidates shall have to comply with any other requirements prescribed by the Govt. of India and Panjab University from time to time.
    7. Foreign Nationals and NRI candidates shall provide the following certificates / documents:-

    a) The Foreign Nationals and NRI students wishing to join any of the University Teaching Departments at Panjab University for the first time are required to obtain an eligibility certificate (click here to download form for eligibility certificate) from the Deputy Registrar (General), Panjab University, Chandigarh or Academic certificates of passing the qualifying or equivalent examination approved by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) / Commonwealth Universities / International Association of Universities (IAU) as equivalent to the corresponding Indian Degrees/ Certificates.

    b) Test Score of Scholastic Aptitude Test II (SAT-II)/ GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS etc. (if the qualifying examination is not passed from India).

    c) The foreign students admitted are required to fill up Foreign Student Information system (FSIS) Form complete in all respects, along with copies of passport and Visa and submit to the office of Dean International Students, Panjab University, Chandigarh. This form is an urgent requirement of the Foreign Registration Office (FRO), Sector-9, Chandigarh and the candidate has to report to the Foreign Registration Office (FRO) within fourteen days of arrival in Chandigarh, with the number generated after the online submission of this form. Foreign Students Information System (FSIS) is to be submitted by hand by the candidate and the FSIS No. will be issued by this Office personally to the students

    d) Foreign Students Welfare Fee @Rs.1500/- per student. Each NRI/Foreign Student is required to submit the same in cash, which may be deposited with the ‘Extension Counter, State Bank of India, Administrative Block, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Original Receipts of the fee deposited is to be submitted to the office of the Dean International Students along with Registration Form (To be submitted after Confirmation of Admission).

    8.     The seats of Foreign Nationals and NRI are “Inter-Changeable”. That is, if sufficient numbers of eligible candidates are not available to fill up the seats of NRI, seats may be filled up from among the eligible candidates belonging to Foreign Nationals, and vice-versa. The conversion of seats shall be done after second counselling for NRI / Foreign National or after exhausting the waiting list of NRI / Foreign Nationals.

     In case, the number of eligible Foreign Nationals seeking admission exceeds the number of seats available, the Vice-Chancellor, Panjab University may be authorized to sanction additional seats to the Foreign Nationals only.

    9. Candidates belonging to NRI (for all the under mentioned categories taken together) who fall in one of the following categories shall be admitted in the following order of precedence:

    1. NRI candidates;
    2. Wards of NRI candidates;
    3. NRI candidates who have not appeared in the entrance Test. In case of regulatory body, if permitted by the said regulatory body;
    4. Wards of NRI candidates who have not appeared in the entrance Test. In case of regulatory body, if permitted by the said regulatory body;

    10.   Foreign Nationals/NRI candidates seeking admission to the concerned course are required to compete amongst themselves for the seats for them by appearing in the Entrance Test (wherever applicable) if they are in India, i.e., those living abroad at the time of entrance test will be exempted from the entrance test. However, those who have passed the qualifying examination from India, will not be exempted from the Entrance Test.

    For above said category 4: Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries (CIWG) category:

    Applicant must have passed the qualifying examination, i.e. Senior Secondary [10+2] or equivalent from any system of education as recognized by the Association of Indian Universities ( with specified subjects as mentioned below.

    Applicants appearing for the qualifying examination in the academic year 2022- 23 and expecting their final results latest by December 31, 2023 may also apply.


    Applicant should have completed successfully Mathematics, Physics and one of the subjects from (Chemistry, Bio-technology, Computer Science, Biology) in 11th AND / OR 12th, as applicable in the respective boards.


    Applicant should have a valid JEE(Main)-2023 rank

    Documents to submitted with the application form by candidates:

    • Applicant’s Passport (Nationals of Nepal who do not have a passport, copy of Authenticated Citizenship Card has to be submitted).
      • Proof for date of birth (Secondary Education Board / University Certificate [Class X or equivalent]or any certificate issued by the Government authorities).
      • Mark Sheet of 10th, 11th and 12th (or) Equivalent examination(s).
      • Certificate from School authorities (in the format given in Appendix-II on letter head of the school) as proof of completion of 11th and 12th Standard or equivalent.
      • Percentage/CGPA equivalence provided by the principal examination authorities, in case CGPA on a different scale than that specified is awarded OR if only grades are awarded.
      • Proof of 2 years of education (11th and 12th or equivalent) in foreign country in case of NRI(School leaving certificate/Mark sheets/Study Certificate).
      • JEE Main -2023 rank/ SAT Score/TOEFL/IELTS, as applicable
      • Eligibility certificate as given in 7(a)*
      • Wards of NRI have to submit undertaking (click here to download) and affidavits (click here to download). (will be available soon)

    *Candidate may submit application form and meanwhile apply for the eligibility certificate. This certificate has to be produced on/before the day of physical reporting.

    Additional document to be submitted by the candidate applying under CIWG (Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries) category:

    • Copy of the passport of the parent working in the gulf.
    • Copy of Parent’s visa with a validity on any date in the year 2023.
    • Copy of Parent’s Work Permit with a validity on any date in the year 2023.
    • Certificate from the company/organization as proof that parent is working in gulf country

    In case, 12th standard or equivalent is not completed yet, the candidate has to give an undertaking with the application. Eligible applicants who have appeared/are appearing for the qualifying examination during the academic year 2022-23 can also apply by submitting the completed application form.