To impart knowledge of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and prepare graduates to achieve excellence in engineering education and research.


  • To prepare students with deep understanding of fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • To prepare professionals with positive attitude, values and vision.
  • To collaborate with industry, research organizations and academia to encourage innovation.
  • To provide a platform for engineering graduates to create and design new products and systems that can help industry and society as a whole.

About The Department:

The program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a multidisciplinary course that aims to train engineers in the field  of Core Electrical Engineering along with Electronics Engineering. The focus of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Branch is in the area of Power, Renewable Energy, Instrumentation and Electronics devices . The curriculum covers a wide array of subjects ranging from Electric Circuits & Machines  to instrumentation, Power Electronics, microcontrollers & PLCs and Digital Signal Processing etc. The Department is well equipped and has lab facilities in the areas of Electric machinery , Computer Aided Power Systems Analysis, Linear Circuit Analysis, Control Engineering Microcontroller & PLC, Virtual Instrumentation and Communication Engineering.