Program Outcomes of biotechnology branch

1. Graduates will gain and apply knowledge of Biotechnology, Science and Engineering concepts to solve problems related to field of Biotechnology.

2. Graduates will be able to identify, analyze and understand problems related to biotechnology Engineering and finding valid conclusions with basic knowledge in biotechnology Engineering.

3. Graduates will be able to design and develop solution to Biotechnology Engineering problems by applying appropriate tools while keeping in mind safety factor for environmental & society.

4. Graduates will be able design, perform experiments, analyze and interpret data for investigating complex problems in biotechnology Engineering and related fields.

5. Graduates will be able to decide and apply appropriate tools and techniques in biotechnological manipulation.

6. Graduates will be able to justify societal, health, safety and legal issues and understand his responsibilities in biotechnological engineering practices

7. Graduates will be able to understand the need and impact of biotechnological solutions on environment and societal context keeping in view need for sustainable solution.

8. Graduates will have knowledge and understanding of related norms and ethics in Biotechnology Engineering product/technique development.

9. Graduates will be able to undertake any responsibility as an individual and as a team in a multidisciplinary environment.

10. Graduates will develop oral and written communication skills.

11. Graduates will have thorough knowledge in Biotechnology Engineering and will also be ready to engage themselves in lifelong learning.

12. Graduates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of project and finance management when dealing with Biotechnology Engineering problems.