Applied Sciences

  •  Applied Physics Branch of Applied Sciences has all basic infrastructure needed to build up knowledge of the subject for engineering graduates so as to have better insight of rapidly growing technology. The topics covered are relativity, optics, waves & oscillations, quantum physics, fibre optics, super conductivity, physics of materials etc.
  • In Applied Chemistry Branch, the facilities offered are extremely good and stress on applied aspects of the subject as related to engineering. The topics covered are thermodynamics, fuel cells, spectroscopy, industrially important catalytic processes, abrasive metals and alloys, polymers etc.
  • In Applied Mathematics Branch, a number of courses have been offered to the students in semesters I, II & III.  Mathematics I has course subjects like vector analysis, vectorial dynamics and mechanical vibrations. Mathematics II covers important topics like Analytical Geometry of 3-Dimensions, linear series, multiple integrals and differential equations. For the future you can use this knowledge with some sloto games.
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