S. No. Title Faculty involved Agency Period Grant/Amount Mobilized (Rs. Lakhs)
1. Solar Energy Training Network (SETNET) Partner with NISE

(For Solar Energy Manpower Training)

  • M. K. Sharma
  • Dr. Y P Verma
  • Deepak Kumar
  • Dr Damanjeet Kaur
  • Nisha Tayal
  • Sarpreet Kaur
  • Preetika Sharma
  • Dr Vivek Pahwa
  • Aditi Gupta
  • Kuldeep Singh
NISE, Gurgaon and MNRE,

New Delhi

2015 onwards 12.84 Lakhs (sanctioned till date)
2. Design Innovation Center (DIC)

Sub Theme:  Energy Harvesting and Management Technologies

  • Dr. Y.P Verma
  • M.K.Sharma
  • Dr. Vivek Pahwa and other faculties
MHRD, New Delhi 2015-18 2.5 Crore

(10 Crore Total )

3. Study of the effect of tilt angle on the power output of PhotoVoltaic panels in Chandigarh using smart meter
  • M. K. Sharma
  • Dr. Y P Verma



(2015-17(Feb)) 3.25 Lakhs
4. UGC Special Assistance Programme (SAP) project on “Active Noise Control”
  • Prof. Renu Vig
  • M. K. Sharma



New Delhi


(2012-2017) 46.0 Lakhs
5. Modeling and Analysis of Renewable (Wind + solar) integrated Hybrid system for Indian Power Sector
  • Dr. Y P Verma
  • M. K. Sharma
PURSE Grant DST (2015-18) 10.0 Lakhs
6. Designing and development of power conditioning circuit suitable for piezoelectric energy harvester developed by DIHAR
  • Dr. Y P Verma
  • M. K. Sharma
DRDO Grant (2015-16(Aug))  3.65 Lakhs