Academic Activities Organised


1.One day Orientation Workshop for 1st semester mechanical students on 19th September, 2017:

Deptt: Mechanical Engg


1.Basic knowledge of mechanical engineering and the importance of Mechanical Engineering  in Industry was explained to the students

2.Explained the broad areas under the mechanical engineering :

(A) Thermal

(B) Design

(C) Manufacturing

(D) Industrial

The importance of mentoring at college level was highlighted to the students

2.Expert Lecture: 29th September, 2017

Deptt: Biotechnology


Topic: Generation of Anti-HIV-1 Human virus by Prof. Kalpana luthra, Deptt of Biotechnology, AIIMS,New Delhi

3.Induction Programme for B.E. (IT) 1st Year Students on 30th October,2017
Deptt: IT


The session started with the introductory speech of Director and Coordinator of IT branch. The students were guided about their career scope and how to perform there day to day activities throughout their academics .
The students performed various extracurricular activities to engage the audiences.

Total no. of students attended the programme:55
No. of faculty members present: 14

4.Workshop on Innovation and start up on 09th November, 2017

Deptt: EDC Cell


1.To inculcate innovation and startup culture in the institute.

2.Students were familiarized with the ways to present their ideas and business models.

3.Awareness was created among the  students about how to set-up a start-up business

5. Faculty Enablement Program on “Cloud Computing” from   4th Dec,2017 to 8th Dec,2017.

Deptt:CSE in collaboration with Infosys,chandigarh



1.Understanding of cloud computing and its deployment and service models. Comparison of different cloud vendors.

2.Overview of AWS services and its implementation in business scenarios was given.

3.Awareness created about building secure, fault tolerant and highly available environment with Cloud

6. One  day workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Deptt: Computer Science Engineering

A one day Workshop on Innovation and Entrepreneurship was organised in UIET on 5th December, 2018.


Following things were covered in this workshop:

  • Scope and Possibilities in machine design
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Need of creative thinking to solve problems.

7. Two Days Industry-Academia Interaction 

 Deptt: Computer Science and Engineering

TEQIP-III Sponsored Two Days Industry-Academia Interaction for Project Quality Enhancement of Undergraduate Students of CSE branch, from 14-15 December, 2017


Distinguished academicians and industry experts were invited for talk and interaction with the final year students of Computer Science and Engineering branch. Students presented their projects and received the inputs to improve upon, and also got the ideas to start new projects.

8. Curriculum Revision Workshop-2017

Deptt: ECE


A one day ‘Curriculum Revision Workshop-2017’ was organized by Department of
Electronics and Communication Engineering, UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh on


The experts from industry, academia, and alumni were invited to have discussion on the up-gradation of Curriculum of B.E(ECE), M.E. (ECE) and M.Tech (Microelectronics).


  • Dr. H. S. Jatana, Scientist ‘G’, SCL (Dept. of Space), Mohali
  • Dr. Amod Kumar, Chief Scientist, CSIO-CSIR, Chandigarh
  • DR. Ribhu, Assistant Professor (EEE Department), IIT Guwahati
  • Dr. Anil Rose, Associate Professor (ECE), CCET, Chandigarh
  • Prof Renu Vig, Director, UIET

9. Expert Talk on “Current Research Areas in IT and How to write Effective       Research Papers”

Deptt:  Computer Science Engineering

An expert Talk on “Current Research Areas in IT and How to write Effective Research Papers” was organised on 18 January, 2018 by Computer Science ad Engineering, UIET for the Research Scholars(ME and PhD) and Faculty members.


10. Expert Lecture for 6th and 8th Semester CSE Students for GATE Preparation

Deptt: Computer Science Engineering

A guest lecture was conducted on 01-02-2018 at 10:00 AM by the department of Computer
Science and Engineering, UIET under TEQIP-III for the 3 rd year and final year students ofComputer Science and Engineering on the topic “Motivation for GATE (Graduate AptitudeTest in Engineering)”.


  • Different ways of studying for GATE
  • How to secure  a good rank in GATE
  • Tricks to crack the GATE exam

The lecture ended with a mock test of half-an-hour duration comprising of 20 multiple-choice questions followed by a discussion on the same.


11. Expert Lecture for 8th and 2nd Semester for GATE 2018: Time Management During Exam’

Deptt: Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

An expert talk on ‘GATE 2018: Time Management During Exam’ was organized by
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, UIET, Panjab University,
Chandigarh on 01.02.2018.


  • How the execution is more important than the preparation.
  • Important tips to solve the paper.

The Expert took the queries of individual student and helped them clarify the doubts. It was an
interactive and encouraging session.

12. Expert Talk on “Can Engineering Design Principles be applied to Biology”.

Deptt:  Biotechnology

A Talk was delivered by Prof. A K Bachhawat, Head Department of Biological Sciences, IISER, Mohali on the topic “Can Engineering Design Principles be applied to Biology” on February 15, 2018.


  • How engineering knowledge can help in the designing of the synthetic biology circuits.
  • How the basic logic gates and Boolean approaches which are used to build digital circuits, can be implemented in the synthetic biology to create novel artificial biological pathways.

13. TEQIP III sponsored two day crash course on Network Security

Deptt: Information Technology


Department of Information Technology, UIET, Panjab University organized a TEQIP III
sponsored two day crash course on Network Security  under the guidance of Dr. Savita Gupta,
Director, in UIET seminar hall, from 20th and 21st February 2018.


The workshop was divided into numerous sessions covering a wide range of topics like:

  • cyber security
  • trust policies
  • network attacks
  • denial of service attack
  • ethical hacking
  • web based attacks
  • malware analysis
  • zombie attack etc.

14. Udyami 2018(10-11th March, 2018)

Deptt: EDC Cell

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting  Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and people sitting


  • UDYAMI 2018 was held on March 10th and 11th with the theme – ‘Startup’s Spectrum’, focusing on the myriad of startup opportunities in the world today from fields like food, travel, storytelling to acting, education etc.


Udyami aims to bring together entrepreneurs, students, industrialists and investors to create an ambience for new ideas and startups. The annual Summit includes competitions designed to test and enhance the entrepreneurial skills; workshops and Panel Discussions covering all the major fields of entrepreneurship.

  • Competitions under UDYAMI
    • Bid Your own company(BYOC)
    • Creator
    • Analyzer and Executor
    • Plan-a -thon
    • Startup of the Event(SOTE)

15. Workshop on Start-Up & Innovation in Bio-engineering 

Deptt.: Biotechnology

A workshop on Start-Up & Innovation under aeging of TEQIP-III for motivating students to stride into the world  of innovation and engineering was conducted by the Biotech Department, UIET on 21 March, 2018.


  • Challenges in Bio-process development
  • Presentation of Innovative ideas by the students
  • Industrial Visit to IMTECH

16. Industry Readiness crash Course on Journey of Biochemical Engineering from Laboratory to Industry

Deptt.: Biotechnology

Industry Readiness crash Course on Journey of Biochemical Engineering from Laboratory to Industry was organized on 22nd March, 2018 by the Department of Biotechnology Engineering UIET, Panjab University, sponsored by TEQIP-III.


The focus area of the course was to acquaint the students of BE Biotechnology with the different needs of a biochemical industry and prepare them in the following domains:

  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Research and Development

17. One week Workshop on Application development in PYTHON.

Deptt.: Information Technology

A one week Workshop on Application Development in PYTHON under TEQIP-III was organized for 1st and 2nd year students from 4 June, 2018 to 8 June, 2018.


  • Understanding of Programming fundamentals and basic constructs in PYTHON.
  • Exposure of application development process in PYTHON.
  • Exposure of working in a team for project development
  • Awareness of IT jobs in government sector.
  • Guidelines for designing GuDApps for e-Government applications.
  • Hand-on experience in Python Programming & Project Development.
  • Exploring entrepreneurship as career.
  • Understanding analyst, designer, developer, tester, and service delivery jobs.

18. Workshop on “Machine Learning Deep Learning: Applications in NLP, Computer  Vision and IoT”

Deptt: Computer Science and Engineering

A workshop was conducted from July 10-14, 2018 by the department of Computer Science
and Engineering, UIET in association with GCET, Jammu under TEQIP-III on the topic
“Machine Learning & Deep Learning: Applications in NLP, Computer Vision and IoT”


The aim of this workshop was to provide the glimpse of machine learning and deep learning with respect to different industrial applications. Experts from academia and industry apprised the participants about the
fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning with hands on sessions which
were appreciated by all.

19. An Induction Programme-2018 was Organised for B.E. 1st Year Students from 6th August, 2018 to 13th August, 2018.

Deptt: Combined(Host Branch Applied Sciences)



Objectives were:

  • Academic Activities
  • Bonding with peers
  • Relationship with teachers
  • Building Character


  • Yoga
  • Plantation drive
  • Cultural Activities
  • Meditation
  • Creative Arts Workshops
  • Various Games

20. Expert talk on “Role of Biology in Engineering”.

Deptt.: Biotechnology

An expert talk was delivered at the Deptt. of Biotechnology, UIET on the “Role of Biology in Engineering and Computer Sciences” on 14 August, 2018.


Prof. A.S. Ahluwalia, Dept. of Botany, Panjab University, Delivered the talk emphasizing the fact that narrow areas of research are crisscrossed by several other disciplines leading to a multidisciplinary research scenario today.

21. One Day Seminar on Applications of Spectroscopy in Chemistry

Deptt.: Department of Applied Sciences

An seminar was organised by Deptt. of Applied Science on Applications of Spectroscopy in Chemistry on 30th October 2018.


72 students of EEE & 102 students of ECE participated in the event. 8 teachers of chemistry participated in the programme. The students got the opportunity
to listen to highly learned experts of chemistry. They asked questions on
various topics. They were given chance to clear their doubts. This is going to
help in improving their performance in future.