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Our Accademic Lab

Lab space is the centre of our creativity

  1. STATE OF THE ART & DEDICATED AI HARDWARE - The lab is equipped with the latest generation of NVIDIA GPUs based on the Pascal Architecture, i.e. GTX Titan X and GTX 1080 (funded by DIC,UIET,PU CHANDIGARH). At the moment there are 2 such multi-GPU machines with 6th and 7th generation Intel multicore i7 processors. The Lab is also seeking to acquire server-based hardware to extend the data crunching capabilities. Current system with GTX Titan rivals Nvidia DevBox.
  2. LATEST WORKSTATION - In addition to dedicated hardware for conducting AI research, the lab has individual workstations for students and lab members to code or develop their solutions. Each Dell workstation is equipped with an i7 processor and windows/Ubuntu Linux for any kind of development/research work.
  3. AMPLE WORKSPACE - The lab has ample seating capacity for more than 25 members, with spacious surroundings to conduct indoor experiments/ lectures.

MAIVRIK Lab in motion 
Detection and Robotics teams working in their respective groups. All the necessary open source and proprietary software is available on individual workstation. The dedicated server and workstation hardware is assembled in the server room adjoining the lab.


University Institute of Engineering & Tech, Panjab University, South Campus, Sector-25, Chandigarh 160036 India





Panjab University     
Centre of SKill Devlopment & Entreprenureship  (CSDE) 


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