Prototypes Developed under DIC

   1.   Water Surface Vehicle

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The Water Surface Vehicles (WSV) are vessels that operates on the water surface without any crew. They can be remotely controlled by an operator located on land or they could be fully autonomous that can automatically follow programmed waypoints, while measuring sensor outputs along the tracks.


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Pedestrian detection is very important in various applications like automated lights, detection of anomalous activity and for general traffic management. Most of the existing techniques for pedestrian detection have employed vision cameras which have its own share of drawbacks like vision cameras cease functioning in low light conditions and foggy conditions. In this proposal, we will focus on pedestrian detection using thermal imaging for traffic light automation.

     3.  Low-Cost Spectrophotometer

low cost spectrometer

  • Spectrophotometry is the technique that hinges on the quantitative analysis of molecules depending on how much light is absorbed by coloured components.
  • Considering the wide scope of application of this technique in high-schools and colleges, it becomes essential to have a low-cost and robust spectrophotometer.
  • The Project aimed at developing a cost effective spectrophotometer which can be used in schools for experiments as the  spectrophotometer available in the markets are too costly and care demanding. Thus we are making a robust spectrophotometer over which students can perform experiments easily.

4.   Automatic grass cutter and Robot cleaner Machine

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  • The project aims at fabricating a robot which can be used for both cleaning homes and maintenance of lawns economically.
  • Purpose of this project is to reduce the cost of labour induced.
  • It also aims at reducing the human efforts with increase in efficiency and preciseness.
  • The project can be made versatile which can work irrespective of climate conditions.

UIET Alumnus developed “Indoor positioning System for GMCH 32

Hospitals are stressful locations for visitors going for health check up or visiting a patient. Locating a particular ward or clinic is often challenging. Three UIET Alumnus Rajat Kosh, Puneet Sikka & Rahul Bangar with the help of their mentor Dr. Naveen Aggarwal (Assoc. Professor ,UIET) have come up with a solution for indoor navigation by developing a single unified app named “In maps”.

With the help of this app you can locate the particular room/ward/OPD in a single search, register online for appointment, view Doctors information and consultation timings, contact details, view procedure/ test charges, search and locate facilities. All these are accessible even without any Internet or GPS connection.

This app is also available for other sites such as Elante mall, Sector 17 plaza and we are also developing it for Panjab University Buildings and other popular commercial places in chandigarh such as Rock garden, Museums etc. It requires Bluetooth sensors to be installed inside the buildings for locating the user position in real time. It is also capable of providing the contextual information according to the location. The young investigators of UIET are looking forward to build this technology on large scale. A pilot project of this positioning system will be supported by the Design innovation Centre, Panjab University to implement it in UIET building.

The app is available on Google play store for android 4.4 and above and is coming soon for ios devices.

Low Cost Electronic Tooth Brush using Pressure Sensors:

UIET Students, Ankit Kumar and Akhilesh Kumar from BE (ECE) 3rd Semest, under the guidance of Dr. Naveen Aggarwal designed an electronic tooth brush using a more accurate way of pressure sensing which is an interrupt based RPM calculation of motor shaft.







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