Academic Activities

1.Workshop conducted under DIC on  21-22 Nov 2015.


Topic:     A two days consultation workshop for  Design Innovation Centre (DIC) at

Chandigarh concluded at UIET, Panjab    University (PU), Chandigarh

Workshop began with an inaugural address by Dr. I.K. Bhat, Director MNIT, Jaipur and Dr. B. Biswal, Coordinator, DIC, Delhi University, followed by expert talks and panel discussions by dignitaries from various reputed institutes on the theme of “Smart Technologies”, which led to exchange of valuable ideas regarding the challenges, opportunities and deliverables pertinent to the growth of an innovation-oriented academic culture

2.Innovative Design Contest under DIC held on 18th19th Sept, 2017

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Participants: B.E /M.E students

Experts: Prof. S. K. Kale , Ms. Dolly Bhasin &  Mr. Mohit  Rawat


  • 25 ideas were selected for the final round and invited to present the ideas at the DIC
  • Projects were selected from each sub theme to be funded by DIC.
  • Five winning teams were presented an amount of Rs. 5000/- each and certificates were given
  • A project development grant of upto Rs 50,000/- was set aside for each winning project.

3.3D Modelling workshop held on 26th -28th  Sept,2017

Participants: B.E /M.E students


  • 18 Participants were trained on 3D Modeling and printing techniques
  • Human resources trained on 3D printing can be the future workforce for industry. They can also build a start-up to offer localized services to the society

4.Joint Meeting with THUASNE held on 13th Oct,2017


Guests: Mr.Matthieu Ducottet (Director)

Mr.Jean-Charles Crouin (President)


Team visited UIET for collaboration on innovative project ideas with DIC, and appreciated  interns work under DIC.

5.Aspiring Souls  held on 24th Oct 2017


Participants: B.E /M.E students


  • The Design Innovation Center, in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) organized a 3 hour session “Aspiring Souls”
  • The event was meant to inspire the students to take up entrepreneurship as a career choice.
  • It included two back to back sessions.
  • In the first session, UIET alumnus and serial entrepreneur Mr. Manas Mohan shared his entrepreneurial journey with the students.
  • Mr. Manas Mohan discussed with the students why he took up entrepreneurship, what problems came when he took the decision, and how he tackled them.

6.Workshop on 2G/3G Gateway module and IOT kits held on 18th December, 2017

7 8Participants:B.E /M.E students

Expert: Utkarsh Mishra, Technical Head      Eigen Technology Pvt Limited


  • Introduction to various sensor modules was given to participants
  • The workshop focused on SIM based solutions which helps in receiving and sending data from various sensors for IoT applications

7.Robot Operating System Workshop held on 19th to 23th Dec, 2017


Participants:B.E /M.E(20 Students of different branches of different years)


  • The workshop was handled by Aarush and Hardik ,4th Year students of UIET PU.
  • The participants had a basic understanding of all the major topics.
  • They also had the opportunity to further explore the ROS ,and do the project of Explorer Bot

8.M2M Workshop held on 19th Feb 2018


Participants: B.E/M.E students


  • The developers tutorials and hackathon organised under an EU funded (FPI) project supporting EU-India cooperation on ICT standardisation held between 12 – 19 February 2018 generated increased awareness of the importance of standards among academic and industry stakeholders in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chandigarh.
  • The initiative also enabled professor to professor connect, which may lead to long term collaboration on IoT related work in particular between India and France (the courses were taught by two professors from University of Toulouse).

9.Workshop on Solar Energy and its Industrial Aspects held on 4th April, 2018

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Participants: B.E /M.E students

Industry Expert: Mr. Brhamesh Alipuria, Director of Direct Watts SET Private Limited.


  • Basics of the PV Energy.
  • About harnessing the solar energy.
  • Economic aspects of the installation of solar panels. About the current policies and regulations regarding the solar power in Chandigarh.
  • Various metering techniques such as net metering, Gross metering, Hybrid metering were also explained
  • 10 participants trained

10.Expert talk in Modelling & Simulation of complex Dynamical system held on 11th June ,2018

Participants: Research Scholars & Faculty


An Interactive talk was delivered by Prof. Vikas Rastogi, Department of Mechanical Engineering, DTU, New Delhi  and discussed the Modelling  and Simulation of complex Dynamical system with Faculty and Research Scholars of Mechanical Engineering, UIET.

11.Expert Talk in Sprintronics Materials held on 11th June 2018

Participants: Research Scholars & Faculty


An Interactive talk was delivered by Prof. Ravi Kumar, Department of Material Sciences and Engineering, NIT Hamirpur and discussed the Spintronics Materials with the Research Scholars.

12.Workshop on PRODUCT DESIGNING 6th to 13th June-2018

13 15

Participants:B.E /M.E students

Expert: Mohit Rawat (Industrialist)


  • Documents for product:
  • Voice of customer
  • Benchmarking Document – List and component chart
  • Quality Function Deployment chart (QFD)

Technical Specification – functional, mechanical aspects, regulatory information

13. DIC Workshop on Types of Power Supplies held on 18th -22nd June, 2018

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Participants:B.E /M.E students

Expert: Mr. Mohit Rawat, Founder (Basikz Consultancy Services)


  • A workshop on power supplies was organized by DIC under sub theme Energy Harvesting and Management Technologies.
  • Presented lectures on Different types of Power Supplies.
  • He also gave some useful information of PCB Designing and PCB Fabrication in industries.

14. Preliminary Training Programme for Face upliftment of EPVM held from 20th  August 2018 to 23rd  August 2018

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Expert: Mr. Mohit Rawat, Founder (Basikz Consultancy Services)


  • The students were given the outline of the general attributes, which a product

must possess.

  • This was then followed by creating technical specifications, strictly related to the EPVM. As many as 14 students took part in the training session.
  • The students were asked to research extensively on the Voting process carried out in India and the existing voting machines and their working.

15. Workshop on Cognitive Skills, Design & Critical Thinking on November 20, 2018 at Auditorium, Deptt. of Physics ,Sector 14, Panjab University

Report – Workshop on Cognitive Skills, Design & Critical Thinking

                                                     Organized Programme
S.No. Name of Programme Organized by Branch Date Venue
1 Expert Talk in Trends in Internet of Things (IoT) Industry :How AI, Analytics, Machine learning & Cloud are shaping the IoT industry” by Ajay Sood Gust Faculty in WILS BITS Pilani Dr. Naveen Aggarwal CSE 17/04/2017 UIET
2 Expert Talk in “Simulation and Modelling for Engineers ” by Dr. Paresh Vallabhbhai Virparia from Sardar Patel University Vidya Nagar Dr. Y.P Verma EEE 20/04/2017 UIET
3 Design Innovative Contest Dr. Y.P Verma EEE 15/09/17 to 19/09/17 UIET
4 3D Modelling and Printing Skill Development Workshop Dr. Prashant Jindal Mechanical 21/09/17 to 23/9/17 UIET
5 Expert talk on Design and Innovation of Antennas for RF applications Dr. Naveen Aggarwal CSE 23/10/17 UIET
6 Expert lecture on DSP and its applications Dr. Y.P Verma EEE 9/11/2017 UIET
7 Robotic Operating Systems Dr. Naveen Aggarwal CSE 19/12/17 to 24/12/17 UIET
8 One M2M Workshop Ms. Roopali Garg and Dr. Inderdeep Kaur Aulakh IT 19/02/18 UIET
9 Workshop On Solar Energy Dr. Y.P Verma EEE 4/4/2018 UIET
10 Interaction with Students Dr. Naveen Aggarwal CSE 5/5/2018 UIET
11 Expert Talk in Modelling & Simulation of complex Dynamical system Dr. Amit Chauhan Mechanical 11/6/2018 UIET
12 Expert Talk in Sprintronics Materials Dr. Amit Chauhan Mechanical 11/6/2018 UIET
13 One week workshop on Types and power suppliers with hands on Experiment Dr. Y.P Verma CSE 18/06/2018 to 22/06/2018 UIET

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