Attendence Rules & Reports

The norms for attendance to be implemented from the start of the academic session 2017-18 are as follows:- 

That shortage of attendance for the students of U.I.E.T. is determined subject-wise according to requirement of regulatory body. There shall be at least ten (lectures + tutorials) practicals/drawing classes during the semesters for every hour per week of a subject shown in the schedule of teaching. A student shall be eligible to appear in the examination only if he/she attended at least 75% of the total classes held in each subject during the semester.

If he/she is short of attendance in any subject, he/she has to attend classes subsequently in that subject and can appear for examination only when 75% attendance requirement is met.

The Rules for condonation of shortage of attendance, as per Handbook of Information- 2017 will be applicable to the students, to the best of advantage to each student, i.e., the total lectures available for condonation under various categories (A) to (D) of Handbook of Information-2017 will be awarded to the individual paper/papers, wherever needed.

Cumulative Attendance upto May, 2018 (Above 33%)

 Cumulative Attendance upto May, 2018 (BELOW 33%)


Cumulative Attendance upto February 28, 2018 

Cumulative Attendance upto January 31, 2018